Resin Flooring for the ultimate Man Cave.

Installation Date: 2016
Location: London
Flooring Type: Resin Floor
Colour: NCS2000-N

This was a truly memorable project that required great attention to detail to achieve the final results. The design and project brief was to provide a seamless resin floor within a 60-70m2 “Man Cave” in London. Elements of the project were particularly complex, in particular ensuring the resin was poured up the already inset Corian stair nosing in the curved staircase flushly and neatly.

The installation was our Acoustic Comfort Floor system which includes a 5mm eco rubber matting which provides the perfect substate for the resin to be applied on to at 2-3mm in depth.

The final results with the amazing interior design as I am sure you will agree are stunning and would be worthy of any Grand Design style project.