PU Acoustic Resin Comfort Floor

Resin Acoustic Comfort Floors

Resin Acoustic Comfort Floors, similar to the standard variation of the product, is an advanced and acoustic self-smoothing floor system developed from plant-based, 100% sustainable polyurethane materials that are friendly to the environment and future generations.

Offering UV stability and increased elasticity, these finishes are designed to be soft and comfortable underfoot, extremely easy to clean and hypoallergenic due to their completely smooth continuous finish that can be applied over problematic surfaces, timber joisted floors and raised computer floors that may be subject to minor movement.

Over the last 10 years, resin and seamless floors have become popular choices in the domestic markets, as well as commercial and retail spaces, due to their open plan and stylish appearance. These floor finishes are available in an extensive range of RAL and NCS colours for the mono version and 40 colour blends for the Benton Look finish.

Our acoustic comfort floors also offer premium noise-reducing properties of up to a >21Db acoustic saving (which is often described as the difference between a whisper and a shout) and are 100% compatible with various modern underfloor heating systems.

Resin Acoustic Comfort Floors Technical Data

Application Thickness 7-8mm Acoustic option (4-5mm for the non acoustic version)
Layers of Application 5
Shore Hardness D60 (Mono Colour)
D40 (Benton Dual Colour)
Slip Rating 75 (Dry test) – Equivalent to R13
20 (Wet test) – Equivalent to R9
PTV Rating
Typical Installation Time 4-6 days
Colour Options Standard RAL or NCS colours (mono colour)
40 colours (Benton Dual Colour)
UV Stable Yes
VOC Emission Free Yes
Acoustic Value / Reduction >21Db (Acoustic version)
>8Db (Standard non acoustic version)
Substrates Screeds, Concrete, Timber Joist, Raised Floors (Acoustic option) BS EN 8204-1
Suitable with UFH Yes BS EN 1264 Part 4 and BS 8204 Part 1
Type of Use Domestic, Retail & Light Commercial Internal use only

Further technical data can be found by following this link.

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