panDOMO Wall


Walls can now become a creative canvas for individual designs, from subtle accents to bold statements. panDOMO® Wall enables a variety of luxurious finishes whether you require a smooth surface or a rougher textured effect, it can be coloured to any shade, multiple shades or create the illusion and genuine feel of natural stone.


panDOMO® Wall can be applied on ceilings, soffits, arches, window surrounds and coves on most substrates and tiles. It can smooth uneven surfaces and once sealed with the Arden surface sealer, the finished surface of panDOMO® Wall is colourfast, non-fade and exceptionally stain resistant and easy to clean. This makes it the ideal solution for shops and commercial use, creating space that radiates openness, harmony and modernity.


The versatile mortar can be applied in a single coat or two-coat system from 1.5mm – 6mm. Formulated with the Ardex unique Rapidity technology: its drying time is the same irrespective of thickness of coat. The low shrinkage characteristics also allow very large surfaces to be covered in one operation.

panDOMO approved installer.

The Resin Floor Co. are proud to be working with panDOMO® as an approved installer of their floor and wall products.