Microcement Installation at Brunner Clerkenwell Showroom


We are excited to share our recent collaboration with Image Interiors on the fit-out of the Brunner Clerkenwell showroom.

In this project, we had the pleasure of installing Magma microcement to the bar display areas, resulting in a stunning finish that perfectly met the client’s requirements.

Scope and Challenges:

Working closely with Image Interiors, the project aimed to enhance the aesthetics of the Brunner Clerkenwell showroom’s bar display areas. The challenge was to seamlessly integrate Magma microcement, ensuring both the client’s expectations and the detailed brass trim specifications were met flawlessly.

Microcement / Product Selection:

Magma microcement was chosen as the system of choice for several reasons. Its ease of use, fast curing, extreme hardness, and resilience to water/staining made it the ideal solution for creating a durable, visually appealing, easy-to-clean seamless floor finish.

Installation Process:

The installation process spanned four days, during which the complete Magma microcement system was expertly applied. The detailed attention to the brass trim and the overall finish ensured a high-quality result aligned with the project’s vision.

Result and Showroom Opening:

Upon completion, the bar display areas boasted a stunning finish, showcasing the versatility and aesthetic appeal of Magma microcement. The showroom is set to open its doors during Clerkenwell Design Week, allowing visitors to experience the finishes firsthand and explore Brunner’s exceptional selection of contract furniture.


Microcement Supplier: Magma Coatings (@magmacoatings)

Interior Contractor: Image Interiors (@imageinteriors)

Photographer: Leigh Dawney Photography (@leighdawneyphotography)

Visit the Showroom:

The Brunner showroom welcomes visitors to experience the finishes and explore the contract furniture collection at 62-68 Rosebery Ave, London EC1R 4RR.


This project exemplifies the successful collaboration between Image Interiors and Magma Coatings material in transforming the Brunner Clerkenwell showroom’s bar display areas.

The choice of Magma microcement, coupled with meticulous installation, resulted in a stunning finish that not only met but exceeded expectations.

Brunner looks forward to welcoming you to the showroom to witness the beauty of Magma microcement london firsthand.

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