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In many cases where a traditional stable substrate such as a screed or concrete slab cannot be provided, it is essential to ensure that the chosen floor finish can cope with minor movement.
Additionally, in the case of large areas where an underfloor heating system is to be specified, and concern is raised over any potential movement due to natural expansion or contraction, it would be essential to ensure that chosen flooring option would be able to cope with this movement and have the required flexibility allow for this.

Our PU Resin Comfort Floor systems are naturally manufactured polyurethane (PU) products from Castor Beans and, therefore, much more environmentally friendly than other systems in the marketplace.

Often referred to as “Comfort Floors” in the industry. This range of resin floor systems has been developed to offer a beautiful and much softer underfoot feel than epoxy resin floor products, which additionally has natural flexibility that works perfectly with modern underfloor heating systems.

Flexible resin comfort floors can also be applied over raised access, and timber joisted floors (with the correct preparation). In contrast, other similar seamless floor finishes may not have been possible to apply in the past.

Flexible resin flooring is now possible. With our flex rubber base, we can also apply the finished with confidence over many problematic substrates that may not have been possible in the past and retrofit in areas over tiles and other solid floor finishes. So also perfectly suitable for office raised floor areas and other similar areas.

Our PU Resin Comfort Floor system, as standard, will provide up to 10Db acoustic reduction between floors (i.e. if applying between floors over timber joist). However, opting for the flex rubber base system will provide up to a 19Db acoustic saving, which in non-specialists’ terms is the difference between a whisper and a shout.

The PU resin floor systems also benefit from being water-resistant, 100% UV stable, simple to maintain and clean and available in any RAL or NCS colours.

Alternatively, we offer a “Benton Look” resin floor finish, often also known as a Fusion, 50/50 or Duo resin floor, which is a mix of two colour resins to create a subtle marble effect floor finish indicative of a polished concrete effect. This system is particularly popular with clients where a resin floor is required, but some visual movement and personality as part of the overall finish.

All resin floor finishes are compatible for domestic and light commercial use, which offers an extensive range of opportunities. Please don’t hesitate to contact us for costings for your project or see our online quotation form for further information.

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