panDOMO Loft


panDOMO® Loft is a strong floor covering material that withstands continual wear and traffic. It is not only reliable and impressive but also blends in to almost every living or working area without being too dominant or interfering with other elements.


panDOMO® Loft is a further development from the well-established panDOMO® floor range, and was created as a result of its solid and extremely durable structure for large load bearing floors, especially in highly trafficked public areas. It is just as effective in private use, for example during renovation, thanks to it’d consistency and endless range of colours and textures.


In a layer as thin as only 2mm, panDOMO® Loft can be individually coloured and applied. The ultra-thin application eliminates the usual problem of height adjustment of doors and fixtures.

panDOMO approved installer.

The Resin Floor Co. are proud to be working with panDOMO® as an approved installer of their floor and wall products.