• Microcement Installation
  • Microcement Installation

Microcement Installation at Kama Ayurveda, Notting Hill, London

Installation Date: March 2024
Notting Hill, London
Flooring Type:
Microcement Floor
Floor Colour:


We are delighted to showcase our recent collaboration with Quarterback within the fit-out project for Kama Ayurveda in Notting Hill, London. In this venture, the Magma microcement installation was specified to the main floor areas across two levels.

Scope and Challenges:

Working closely with Quarterback, the project aimed to incorporate the Magma microcement range into the fit-out of Kama Ayurveda. The challenge involved preparing substrates through various stages to create a level and rigid foundation for the systems, ensuring a flawless finish for the main floor areas.

Microcement / Product Selection:

Magma microcement, renowned additionally for its versatility and aesthetic appeal, was the chosen system for this project. The bespoke colours selected for the microcement added a unique and personalised touch to the main floor areas, complementing the stylish red tiling over two floors.

Installation Process:

The installation encompassed numerous stages, each meticulously executed to prepare the substrates and apply the microcement system. The custom colours were skillfully applied in conjunction with the prefitted red tiles on the main floor, as a result creating a smooth and stylish finish.

Result and High Standards:

The completed installation, covering over 70m2, exemplifies the particularly high standards achieved through collaborative efforts. The Magma microcement, as can be seen, met the project’s design goals and exceeded expectations, contributing to the stunning finish which can be seen in Kama Ayurveda in Notting Hill.


Microcement Supplier: Magma Coatings (@magmacoatings)

Main Contractor: Quarterback London (@quarterbacklondon)

Architects/Designers: IDL Group (@idl.group)


This project is a testament to the successful collaboration between Quarterback, IDL Group, and The Resin Floor Co in transforming Kama Ayurveda’s space in Notting Hill.

The installation of the Magma microcements in bespoke colours seamlessly integrated into the existing design elements, creating a visually stunning and refined environment. The finished main floor areas are a testament to the meticulous attention to detail and dedication to delivering a high standard of workmanship.