panDOMO Colours

Ardex panDOMO® offers the ideal selection of colours. There are five ranges of colours: light, natural, pure, bright and accent. The panDOMO® colour schemes combine tradition, nature and trends to offer a valuable guide when choosing colours. Each shade can be individually changed to offer the perfect flooring solution for any flooring design.


Light coloured walls enhance a room’s visual appeal and have a stimulating effect on our mood.
Possible applications: it’s versatile allows it to be used in both public and private buildings that have a modern and elegant character. The discreet colours lend themselves to large areas of wall.
Lifestyle: contemporary.
Associations: vigour, practicality.


The muted colours of the natural shades create a sense of security. In the room these colours often have the effect of diffused, soft daylight.
Possible applications: versatile, usable predominantly in private rooms or superior country house-style restaurants.
Lifestyle: country house.
Associations: timeless, tranquil security.


Muted grey colours are similar to the colours that we commonly find in nature. They appear “genuine” and accentuate the characteristics of rooms, shapes and other colours.
Possible applications: modern high rise buildings, lofts, minimalistic furnishing styles, new modernity, design-oriented living.
Lifestyle: loft, minimalism.
Associations: reduction, elegant reserve.


The theme running through these colours is joy at being alive.
Possible applications: colour accents for cheerful living rooms, creative working atmosphere, nurseries, schools, hospitals, physical recreation, single walls.
Lifestyle: Mediterranean.
Associations: encounter, friendliness.


A confident colour accent stimulates the human imagination. Saturated colours have a markedly energising or exciting effect.
Possible application: accent colours for the contemporary vision in large areas like shopping centres and hotel foyers.
Associations: confidence, presentation, media influences.