The Resin Flooring Company – The Art of Poured Floors.

Our poured resin flooring, microcement surfaces and polished concrete floors set the benchmark for quality, finish, and, most importantly, installation excellence in our attention to detail.

More and more architects, interior designers, and homeowners choose either poured resin, microcement or polished concrete finishes as the canvas for their domestic or commercial design.

Not only do they provide the wow factor in our flooring solutions, but they are also highly durable, cost-effective, and perfect for today’s modern homes, retail, and office space, where open plan living/working is in all future designs.

Our seamless finishes come in virtually any colour (we can colour match RAL or NCS) and are the most durable on the market today. We are here to help with any questions you may have, so we look forward to hearing from you.

Seamless flooring and wall coverings are becoming more popular in residential and commercial settings. More and more people choose either poured resin or polished concrete floors as the canvas for their designs.

What colours are available for resin flooring?

Resin floor colour options include any RAL and NCS colour systems or bespoke colour matching using custom pigment mixing hardware.

Any colour you can think of can be used for resin flooring.

Poured Resin Floor

Poured Resin Floors

Bringing luxurious and contemporary feel to any interior solutions. Our beautiful seamless comfort floors offer a warm and silky underfoot experience, that works hand in hand with today’s modern underfloor electric and wet heating systems.

Flexible PU resin flooring

Resin Comfort – the flexible option

Our Resin Comfort floor has amazing flexible properties. Suitable for wooden floors and underfloor heating. Available in any RAL colour. Exactly the same as our poured resin finishes but with a little extra bounce and comfort underfoot. Perfect for any family living space.

Microcement Flooring

Polished Concrete Flooring

If you’re looking to enhance your existing flooring for a more architectural appearance without major building work, our range of products offer the perfect solution. Our systems can be installed over an existing substrate and achieve the look and feel of a traditional polished concrete floor.

Kerakoll Patina Wall

Wall Coatings

Bespoke wall coatings are fast becoming a popular asset in both domestic and commercial environment. Inspiration has been drawn utilising a beautiful surface finishes mimicking both man made and products from the natural world.

MicroCrete® Microcement

Our microcement systems are cement-based coatings with added polymers, which are perfect companions for floors and walls. Although application thickness on average between only 2-3mm, the finish is hard wearing and offers a beautiful and bespoke style.

Our quick estimate system is simple and easy to use.

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