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PU Resin Floor Installation – Suit Direct, Westfield, Stratford

Installation Date: March 2024
Location: Westfield, Stratford
Flooring Type: PU Resin Comfort Floor
Floor Colour: RAL 7047

We are delighted to showcase our recent collaboration with M2K Services on the stunning fit-out project for Suit Direct’s flagship store in Westfield, Stratford.

In this project, the refinishing of a poured PU resin floor was specified, adding a touch of sophistication and modernity to the main floor areas.

Scope and Challenges
Working closely with M2K Services, the project aimed to incorporate stylish and seamless systems into the fit-out of Suit Direct. The challenge involved preparing substrates through various stages to create a good substrate for the resin finishes.

PU Resin Floor / Product Selection
PU floors are renowned for their durability and aesthetic appeal, were the chosen system for this project. The special gray resin color (RAL 7047) gave a unique look to the main floor, matching the store’s color scheme and enabling an easy to clean finish.

Installation Process
The installation encompassed numerous stages, each executed to prepare the substrates and apply the resin system. This comprehensive process ensured a high-quality and durable finish that aligned with the store’s design aesthetics.

Result and High Standards
The completed installation, covering over 80m2, exemplifies the high standards achieved through collaborative efforts. The resin finish met the project’s design goals and exceeded expectations, contributing to the store’s refined atmosphere.

Contactors/Designers: M2K Services

This project has been a successful collaboration between M2K Services and The Resin Floor Co., which transformed Suit Direct’s flagship store into an amazing space.