MicroCrete® Microcement Wall – Decorative Wall Finishes

MicroCrete® Microcement Wall offers a selection of colours, textures, and application techniques to create bespoke finishes that bring style and elegance to various substrates.

Whether it’s a Venetian plaster, rustic stucco, or a textured concrete style finish, MicroCrete® Wall Microcements can achieve it all.

Why Choose MicroCrete® Microcement Walls?

  • Versatility: MicroCrete® can be seamlessly applied to numerous surfaces, including concrete, cement and lime plaster, gypsum plaster, wedi boards, masonry, fibre cement boards, and more.
  • Thin Application: Ideal for areas with depth and height constraints, MicroCrete® provides a thin yet durable layer of material with minimal installation time.
  • Water Resilience: Offering a selection of products that are 100% waterproof, even before sealers are applied.
  • Custom Finishes: Our advanced trowel techniques and extensive colour palette allow us to create exclusive patinas and unique finishes.
    Explore our colour palette here.

Typical Substrates:

MicroCrete® Microcement can be confidently applied onto various substrates, including:

  • Concrete
  • Cement and lime plaster
  • Gypsum plaster and gypsum wall boards
  • Masonry
  • Gypsum plasterboards
  • Fibre cement boards

Standard Colours:

MicroCrete® Wall is available in a variety of standard colours. For a full range of options, please see our microcement colour palette here.

MicroCrete® Finish Options

Cementoresina Wall

Course Finish

A rustic finish achieved with a thicker aggregated version of MicroCrete. A fantastic minimalist and hard wearing finish that differs from standard paints & plasters.

Microresina Wall

Burnished Concrete Effect

An industrial yet extremely popular burnished effect can be achieved which has lots of tone, depth and visual texture which has been so popular for feature walls over the years.


Smooth & Cloudy

Using the finer grain, the popular smooth and cloudy finish can be achieved. This finish is a fantastic compliment alongside microcement floors or in residential settings where a subtly textured backdrop or feature wall is required.


Recycled Oyster Shell

With inclusion of 100% recycled oyster shell, offering a truly sustainable and decorative solution that has a unique texture, adding a touch of elegance and sophistication to any space.


High Contrast Polished Effect

Using a high-contrast selection of layers and a bespoke polishing technique, we are able to create a 100% bespoke and unique finish indicative of a power-floated concrete effect finish for walls.

Decor Paint

Microcoat Colour

An incredibly popular finish using pigmented sealer coatings which retain the tone and texture beneath, but producing an attractive, monolithic and durable surface.

Absolute Paint

Concrete Formed

Creating a raw concrete formed wall effect has never been easier. Applied at only 2-3mm, the possibilities are endless.

What are the Microcement installation costs?

The cost of a MicroCrete® Microcement wall can vary depending on numerous factors which include:

  • Size of the application areas.
  • The substrate / surface that the products will be applied onto.
  • Any substrate preparation that is required in advance of the installation.
  • The style and finish that is chosen.
  • The geographic location of the project & travel time.

For more information or to obtain some estimated costs, call us directly or fill in our online quotation form