Light grey kitchen and living space seamless resin flooring.

Installation Date: 10th  February 2016
Location: West London
Flooring Type: MicroCrete® Polished Concrete Overlay
Floor Colour: 5% Black

Further to our initial engagement by Imby3 Ltd and sight of plans, we were excited to be part of this amazing project. The concepts proposed were truly inspirational and lent themselves extremely well to that of our MicroCrete® product.

The project required careful thinking and planning due to time constraints and the requirements of floor height build ups to embed edging strip lights into the floor surface. Two applications of smoothing screed were applied (Ardex K15) to the floor surface to meet 2-3 mm from the finished floor and threshold heights in both the main and external building in the garden.

Further to the above the MicroCrete® process commenced with the application of standard 10 layers which included:

Day 1: Substrate preparation and primer
Day 2: Application of MElastic Base and Fibreglass Mesh
Day 3/4: Applications of MicroCrete® base coats
Day 5: Installation of 3x MicroCrete® finishing coats
Day 6: Sand, Polish, Pre-seal Primer and final sealers

Following completion, the floor was protected with corex sheeting so that other works could be finalised. Once all works had evolved the floor protection was removed and furniture moved in resulting in an amazing living space as you can see from the images adjacent.