panDOMO seamless floor and wall coverings

The panDOMO® range of products creates a decorative, seamless and very hardwearing surface for floors, walls and ceilings. panDOMO® allows all surfaces to be designed with consistency of colour and finish in mind, and offers designs ranging from classical, contemporary, urban and vibrant, or style truly individualised to match your inspiration and requirement.

PandomoUseful InformationThicknessSuitable Use
WallRender/wall finish which can be ready and dry within a day. Multiple colour and texture possibilities. Can go on ceilings and in bathrooms but not in the shower cubicle.

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1.5mmBars, homes, shops, cafes, commercial, education & leisure. Not for industrial use i.e. bakeries, butchers, heavy impact from metal cages/vehicles.
FloorLevelling compound finished floor with unique subtle sweeps and lines. Colours can be mixed to make your own blends for a bespoke finish.

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5 to 10mmHomes, boutique shops, cafes, private offices (lower traffic areas).
FloorPlusHigh resistance fine aggregate in the top surface increases abrasion and scratch resistance. Multiple colours can also be mixed to give a bespoke finish.

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5 to 10mmHigher traffic areas like schools, busier shops, bars, restaurants.
LoftUltra thin and hard-wearing, highly textured cement based floor compound.

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2 to 4mmShops, bars, schools, commercial locations, offices, leisure centres, hotels, homes etc.

panDOMO approved installer.

The Resin Floor Co. are proud to be working with panDOMO® as an approved installer of their floor and wall products.