Microcement MicroCrete Floor

MicroCrete® Flooring

What is MicroCrete® Microcement?

Our Microcement (MicroCrete®) system is a cement-based coating with is the perfect companion for application on floors and walls. Although application thickness is only 2-3mm, it has good wear and slip resistance.

Microcement can be applied to practically any kind of surface that has suitable stability. Installations can also be applied to stairs, walls and even over existing tiles to create a completely bespoke environment and effect. Our installers highly trained and experienced with many years of experience are proficient in the final finish that is achieved, so depending on any requirements this can textured or smooth to meet with any requirements given.

Microcement is perfect for those wishing to achieve a completely seamless yet contemporary floor finish that mimics the look and feel of a traditional polished concrete finish.

Microcement is applied by hand so there’s no need for major upheaval during installation, additionally as no heavy or noisy machinery is used during our installation process, application possibilities and locations are limitless.

Following installation, the application of a resilient surface sealer is carried out to the finished floor, which assists to enhance and provide continuing protection.

Although variations of traditional grey concrete floor colour are a firm favorite and our most popular choice. Our Microcement floors are available in 6 standard grey colours which can be seen here.

MicroCrete® is a registered trademark of The Resin Floor Co (UK) Ltd.

Why choose MicroCrete® Microcement?

With a traditional polished concrete floor, depending on the mineral materials used and dispersion of aggregate, you will never know what the final floor finish will look like until it has been ground and polished. With Microcement the client is able to see and choose the colour, tone and finished effect before the floor is actually installed.

Our Microcement system has proven flexibility due to the nature of the added polymers. Whereas traditional some polished concrete floors may be brittle, Microcement is less prone to cracking and with the use of pioneering technology in our specialist sealants which are less likely to stain in the same way as a traditional polished concrete floor.

Installation is only required are 2-3mm, so Microcement is particularly suitable the residential and domestic market where substrate or floor height availability is not possible. This system is also a particular favorite within environments where noise or access is an issue.

Microcement is suitable with many UFH systems, please see the general underfloor heating specifications here.

For more information on our Microcement range please download the MicroCrete product specifications here, or to speak to one of our sales team please call us on 020 7096 8990, email us on sales@resinfloor.co.uk.

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