Resin Comfort Flooring – Technical Specification

At The Resin Floor Co. we price ourselves on our keen attention to detail on every project we undertake. Endeavouring to utilise the very best products available along with the highest quality installers ensure that every project is undertaken to a high quality.

Our resin floors systems are specifically designed for various substrates suitable in residential, retail and commercial environments.

Our comfort floor systems are made up of the following build ups.

Resin Comfort Floor
Primer Layer
Scratch Coating
Resin Body Coat
2-3 Top Finishing Coats
Total floor height build up – 4-5mm
Suitable for: Residential, Commercial, Retail
Acceptable Substrates: Screed / Concrete Substrate

Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor
Primer Layer
3mm or 5mm Rubber Crumb Base
Scratch Coating
Resin Body Coat
2-3 Top Finishing Coats
Total floor height build up – 6-7mm (using 3mm rubber crumb matting)
Total floor height build up – 8-9mm (using 5mm rubber crumb matting)
Suitable for: Residential, Commercial, Retail
Acceptable Substrates: Plywood / Cement Boards / Screed / Concrete Substrate

Substrate Requirements

Concrete substrates must be installed well and in accordance with the screeders / product guidelines. It is also required that the substrates be flat, dry and level and any underfloor heating systems installed are fully commission before our installation. The compressive strength on the concrete substrate should be minimum 25- 30 N/mm2, flexural/tensile strength 1.2 N/mm2, with moisture content at time of resin installation not greater than 4%.

Timber substrates normally one layer of 18 mm tongue & groove moisture resistant chipboard or marine plywood cross laid over any existing floor boards. It is required that that the boards are counter sunk and screwed securely at 100 mm centres throughout each board.

This would be followed by the application of 6mm cement boards (glued and screwed) to ensure the surface is rigid and movement free.

Lastly installation the screw heads should be filled in accordance with the Resin Floor Co guidelines along with any joint gaps in the boards.

Resin Body Coat Specifications

Compressive Strength >30 Mpa
Tensile Strength 8 Mpa
Ultimate elongation 65%
Shore hardness 60 Shore D
Tear strength 45 kN/m
Skid resistance (dry) approx 95 via Leroux test

Top Coat Specifications

Abrasion resistance 0.023 gram
Aliphatic, so does not yellow
Can be walked on @ 20°C 24 hours
Fully chemically hardened @ 20°C 7 days

Floor to dry/cure for minimum 24 hours for light foot traffic, careful mechanical loading after 48 hours, full chemical cure at 7 days.

Resin Comfort Floor Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor
Resin Comfort Floor Information
Installation Time 4-5 days 5-6 days
Colours Any RAL or NCS Any RAL or NCS
Suitable for concrete substrate
Suitable for timber substrate x
Underfloor Heating Compatible
Residential Use
Retail Use
Commercial Use
Standard Height Build Up 4-5mm 6-9mm
Acoustic Values -10Db (min) -19Db (min)
Maintenence / Cleaning Easy Easy
Slip Resistance Good Good
Shore Hardness Rating D60 D60