• Microcement office reception installation, London
  • Microcement office reception installation, London
  • Microcement office reception installation, London

Magma Microcement Installation in Upper Street, London


We are excited to share our recent collaboration with Scott Osborn in the vibrant Upper Street, London.

Covering approximately 70m2, the Magma Microcement system displayed unrivalled versatility, enhancing the look of different areas to achieve a unique and stylish finish.

Scope and Challenges:

The installation required careful preparation of the surfaces to create a strong base for applying the microcement. The microcement system used unique colors.

We used these colours for the main reception floors, lift cars, and a tunnel between two floors. The use of these colours made these areas more individual and unique.

Professionals inset antique brass separation strips into the finished floor, adding a distinctive and luxurious detail.

Microcement / Product Selection:

The Magma microcement range was the specified material of choice for this project. Magma was chosen for being adaptable, offering a polished concrete aesthetics, and creating a smooth, strong, and high-quality surface.

Collaborative Process:

Working with Scott Osborn Ltd, Trehearn Architects, and Jackson Coles LLP, the team coordinated each project stage carefully. The bespoke colours and intricate details were discussed and specified to meet the client’s vision for the space.

Installation Process:

Substrate Preparation: The substrates underwent extensive preparation to create a level and rigid foundation.

Antique Decorative Strips: Aged brass separation strips were meticulously inset into the finished floor, adding a touch of elegance and separation ready for the microcement installations.

Microcement Applications: The Magma microcement systems were expertly applied to the main reception floor areas, lift cars, and the connecting tunnel. Custom colours were used to achieve a unique, personalised, decorative seamless floor finish.

Result and High Standards:

The completed installation, spanning various spaces, was delivered to an exceptionally high standard. The finished floors not only met but exceeded expectations, showcasing the capabilities of the Magma microcement range and the expertise of the collaborative team.


Microcement Supplier: Magma Coatings (@magmacoatings)

Main Contractor: Scott Osborn Ltd (@scottosbornltd)

Architect / Interior Designers: Trehearn Architects (@trehearnearchitects)

CA/QS: Jackson Coles LLP (@jacksoncoles_llp)


This project is a testament to the seamless integration of creativity, expertise, and quality materials. The Magma microcement in London’s Upper Street changed the spaces and showed how construction and design professionals can work together successfully. The choice of bespoke colours and detailed designs made the finishes 100% unique, giving a sophisticated and refined atmosphere to this fantastic project.

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