Polished Concrete Floors

Polished Concrete Flooring

If you’re looking to enhance your existing flooring for a more architectural appearance and without major building work an overlay is the perfect solution. Our overlay can be laid onto existing substrate and achieve the look and feel of polished concrete. Our overlay system can be laid over wooden floorboards and other floor surfaces without more traditional preparation methods and major upheaval during the installation process. We add a seal and buff the floor to give a stunning finish. Qualities of the type of flooring include: it’s hard to the touch; the addition of under floor heating can be added; our overlays are VOC (Volatile organic compounds) and emission free and currently available in 30 colours.

Why a Polished Concrete Floor?

Our polished concrete is the perfect option for a modern contemporary appearance and is ideal for a natural polished concrete look. Polished concrete is employed in many areas including: art galleries, retail environments as well many residential properties.


Our Micro Concrete systems are cement-based coatings with added polymers, which are perfect companions for floors and walls. Although application thickness on average between only 2-3mm, the finish is hard wearing and offers a beautiful and bespoke style.

Does the Microcement come from a reputable manufacturer?

Does the manufacturer of the Microcement system warrant the use of the materials within a bathroom & wetroom environment? They should also be able to provide official and independent testing documentation for the proposed system/products to support the type of use along with any official product warranty or support the installation should there be any unknown future concerns.

There are a few further key elements which can be queried to ensure that the individual products have been tested for their intended use;

Do the chosen microcement systems conform and have CE marks (European standards/testing of performance) for example, some of the following categories:

EN 15824:2017 – Specifications for external renders and internal plasters based on organic binders.
EN 1504-2:2004 – Specifications for surface protection products – Impregnation
EN 13813:2002 – Specifications for synthetic resin screed material for use internally in buildings
EN 1504-2:2004 – Specifications for surface protection products – Coating

Other seamless flooring products.

Pandomo Floor & Floor Plus

panDOMO® Floor and FloorPlus are cement-based floor coverings which allow an almost unlimited range of designs and colours thanks to their unique design concept. With panDOMO® floor range, seamless and joint-free floors can be achieved giving a spacious feel.

Pandomo Loft

A decorative and eco-friendly protective film, perfect for redesigning existing ceramic floors. Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments and available in ten warm colours.

Pandomo Studio (NEW)

panDOMO® Studio is a strong floor covering material is a trowel applied finish which offers subtle variation in tone and texture whilst offering one of the hardest surfaces within the Pandomo microcement range.

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