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Poured Resin Flooring

The Resin Flooring Company brings a luxurious contemporary feel to any interior solutions. Our beautiful and seamless comfort floors offer a warm and silky underfoot experience, that works hand in hand with today’s modern underfloor heating systems whether wet or electric.

Because our floors are poured in situ and on site, this ensures beautiful detailing where the floor surfaces meet against walls, stairs or kitchen furniture.

All our poured resin floors are available in a variety of colour options to suit your specific requirements.

All poured resin technical specifications are available on our website, however should you require further details please don’t hestiate to call us on 0207 096 8990.

Why a Poured Resin Floor?

Poured resin flooring is becoming an increasingly popular choice as a solution on contemporary interior projects. With no joins, no edges, seamless resin floors offer complete practicality for residential and commercial environments.

The majority of our resin systems are aliphatic polyurethane meaning that once installed onto your floor, are completely UV stable and not yellow over time. Our systems are also completely waterproof, easy to clean / maintain and offer fantastic hypoallergenic qualities.

With the correct preparation it is also possible to install our resin flooring over an existing timber substrate or multiple substrates due the product flexibility.

We also ensure that your resin floor will stand the test of time along with colour choice. Therefore, offer a full maintenance service which in years to come will allow a simple refinishing (sanding and recoating) of your floor to bring it back to new or if you have you would like to change the colour we can do that too.

Other seamless flooring products.

PU Comfort Floor

A seamless floor finish with a mottled cement like texture. Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments and available in ten warm colours.

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Our Micro Concrete systems are cement-based coatings with added polymers, which are perfect companions for floors and walls. Although application thickness on average between only 2-3mm, the finish is hard wearing and offers a beautiful and bespoke style.

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A beautiful and seamless floor finish which is both incredibly durable and UV stable. Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments and available in ten warm colours.

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Pandomo Floor & Floor Plus

panDOMO® Floor and FloorPlus are cement-based floor coverings which allow an almost unlimited range of designs and colours thanks to their unique design concept. With panDOMO® floor range, seamless and joint-free floors can be achieved giving a spacious feel.

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Pandomo Loft

A decorative and eco-friendly protective film, perfect for redesigning existing ceramic floors. Suitable for both domestic and commercial environments and available in ten warm colours.

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Pandomo Studio (NEW)

panDOMO® Studio is a strong floor covering material is a trowel applied finish which offers subtle variation in tone and texture whilst offering one of the hardest surfaces within the Pandomo microcement range.

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