Residential Resin Quartz Stone Carpet Installation.

Installation Date: 1st July 2015
Location: North London
Flooring Type: Resin Quartz (Stone Carpet)

Following our initial engagement with Studio 30 Architects, a great deal of project planning and sample production was required on this project in order to achieve the desired finish. Following detailed specifications the client chose AltroScreed-Quartz in Jumaana but required an adjustment to the aggregate with the removal of the brown stone from the product in order to achieve a much lighter finish.

Working closely with Altro Resins and following extensive testing we devised a solution to extensively reduce any aromic properties of the resin over time resulting in a non yellowing seamless quartz floor.

The completed project was undertaken over a four day period and protected well allowing for other works and trades to continue and the works to be completed in accordance with the project schedules.

Architect: Studio 30 Architects
Photographs: Sam Peach Photography