What is Microcement?

How is it used and what are the benefits from polished concrete?

Microcement has become an increasingly popular material amongst interior designers, architects, builders and homeowners looking to achieve an industrial interior and concrete aesthetic where it would not normally be possible. Microcement is a great product for those wishing to achieve a seamless floor / wall finish that is grout-free and aligns with contemporary and modernistic trends.

Microcements are effectively polymer-modified cement-based coatings applied typically at 2-3mm. Formulated with polymers, ultra-fine aggregates, additives and natural colour pigments, they can be applied to surfaces such as floors, walls, stairs, and ceilings to create a decorative coating indicative of a concrete effect finish in both domestic and commercial environments.

Microcement products are also known by other trade names such as MicroCrete®, microscreed, microcemento, micro-concrete and bentonceire to name a few. These products will differ slightly due to their qualities, aesthetics and overall performance. Therefore its always recommended to utilise a quality product and experienced installer if you are considering a finish such as this.

Microcements are great options for living and work spaces due to the possibility of achieving a decorative concrete finish that is grout / join-free and completely seamless. The systems can be customised in colour and finish to be as unique as your fingerprint whilst offering superior hygienic and hypoallergenic properties.

what is microcement

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