MicroCrete kitchen and living space installation.

Installation Date: 1st September 2014
Location: Oxshott, Surrey
Flooring Type: MicroCrete®

During our initial engagement on this amazing project and working closely with the main contractor  it was noted that the existing substrate (tiles) had substantial cracks and movement, following further investigation and removal of the existing tile floor covering the substrate had various issues which needed to be overcome.

Working closely with Ardex UK we together devised a unique system and floor build up process to strengthen and stabilise the substrate below that would be compatible with our seamless MicroCrete® micro cement floor covering system.

Substrate preparations had all taken place the floor was ready for our MicroCrete® floor installation. MicroCrete® is a cementitious floor covering system, applied by our expert installers by hand the system is comprised of a 10x layer build up yet only 2-3mm thick which results in a beautiful L’artisan finish mimicking the natural look of a traditional polished concrete floor finish.

This finished result was a beautiful and seamless 120m2 kitchen, dining and living space which would equal to any property in the Grand Designs television series.

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