Poured Resin Comfort Floor West London.

Installation Date: October 2016
Location: West London
Flooring Type: PU Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor
Floor Colour: Dark Grey

This project was a particularly lovely project to work on due to the area and proposed designs.

The substrate was a newly installed Ardex A38 sand and cement screed installed to SR1 (surface regular to that of 3mm over a 2m length). The screeded substrate was prepared and primed before the ecoflex 5mm acoustic base was installed which was then proceeded by 2-3mm of poured resin in order to create a completely smooth and seamless surface. After 18 hours and once cured the newly installed resin surface was sealed with a pigmented PU top coating ensuing that the final floor was 100% imperfection free, durable and completely UV stable.

Once the project was brought through to completion and fully furnished, we were given the opportunity to return and take some photographs of the amazing space and setting. The living space created was hugely extenuated by the seamless resin flooring, truly worthy of any Grand Design project.