• Kerakoll Cementoresina Kitchen Floor WR02 Colour
  • Kerakoll Cementoresina Dining Area Floor WR02 Colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina kitchen floor in WR02 colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina kitchen floor in WR02 colour close up
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina family room floor in WR02 colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina hallway floor in WR02 colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina hallway / staircase floor in WR02 colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina hallway / staircase floor in WR02 colour
  • Kerakoll Design Cementoresina living room floor in WR02 colour

Kerakoll Cementoresina Domestic Floor Installation

Installation Date: May 2022

Location: Brentwood, Essex

Size: 180m2 Floor

Flooring Type: Kerakoll Cementoresina

Floor Colour: WR02 – Grey

For this project, the clients chose the Kerakoll Design Cementoresina as a product of choice.

Cementoresina is a unique resin microcement product which when finished, incorporates the subtle marbling tones of a traditional microcement floor but with all the benefits and durability of a high-end resin-based finish.

Developed in Italy as the premium product of the Kerakoll Design range of flooring systems. Cementoresina is a unique application of several layers that result in an aesthetic and desirable finish suitable for domestic, retail and commercial use where a seamless floor is required.

The Kerakoll Design products and systems have been respected in the professional marketplace for some time. With the addition of using the very best materials, the products and installations are supported by Kerakoll UK in providing an eco-friendly manufacturing process and being accompanied by necessary CE marks.

Similar to a microcement floor installation, the existing substrates were professionally prepared, expansion provision was made between UFH zones, and the underfloor heating was fully commissioned in accordance with British Standards.

The prepared screeds were primed with Kerakoll EP21 Epoxy primer and scatted with Quartzo fine-grain aggregate. Once fully cured, the aggregate was swept off and vacuumed for the next process.

Kerakoll Floorzero epoxy supportive base was then applied using the Net90 fibreglass mesh at an average depth of 1.5mm in a single application. The surface was further dusted with the Quartzo fine-grain aggregate and allowed to cure overnight.

The cured and hardened Kerakoll Floorzero, swept and mechanically ground with a 36grit abrasive plate to ensure a flat, smooth and mechanically sound substrate ready for the design layers of Cemenroresina 1 & 2.

The Cemenroresina 1 & 2 resin design layers were applied carefully over a two-day period which provides the overall look and aesthetics of what will be the finished floors.

Once dry and cured, the surfaced are abraded and followed by the applications of Cemenroresina 3 & 4, resulting in the finished floors and surfaces.

Once completed, the floors were inspected by the client and build team, signed off, and floor protection applied so that other works could continue. After completing the build works, were invited back to see the finished work, which complemented the exceptional standards of the main build team’s efforts.

The Resin Floor Co. are proud to be the most experienced and longest-established UK partner of the Kerakoll Design range. We have years of experience installing Kerakoll products and flooring solutions with an extensive list of installations within our portfolio.


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