Residential Resin Comfort Floor, Westerham.

Installation Date: 10th March 2014
Location: Westerham, Kent
Flooring Type: Poured Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor

A hard wearing seamless rubber floor was specified for this particular project which would serve as a functional living space but also be home to the property owners three large dogs. The specified product had to withstand every day use but also take into consideration K9 occupants requirements also. Following careful consideration our Poured Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor was chosen as the product of choice.

The required areas to be installed were the main areas of living space which included the kitchen, dinning area and entrance hallway and comprised of the following:

• Preparing the flooring substrate.
• Installation of a 3mm ecoflex rubber crumb base
• Application of poured resin to complete area.
• Application of UV stable top coats

As always the final results exhibited a completely seamless and imperfection free floor which included two very happy clients and their K9 compatriots.