Commercial Micro cement floor installation in central London.

Installation Date: March 2019
Location: Chapter House, 1-2 Cranwood Street, London EC1V 9QS
Flooring Type: MicroCrete® Microcement
Floor Colour: Light Grey

We have been busy creating a stunning seamless commercial using our MicorCrete® microcement / micro concrete systems.

Working closely with Thirdway Interiors, we were specified to install a new seamless polished concrete floor effect applied to a selection of areas at the above address.

Following discussions and meetings with the designers, architects and contractors, it was quickly decided that the MicroCrete Microcement product would be best suited to achieve the required look and cater to the expected footfall within the reception areas.

The application process was undertaken over multiple substrates, comprising an existing concrete slab in the lower / entrance areas and a raised access flooring in the upper / main reception areas.

The lower areas received some significant surface preparation in removing the existing floor coverings down to an old 1930s concrete slab. As there was no visible damp-proof membrane, an epoxy DPM was installed to minimise the possibility of moisture vapour transfer and to conform to the required construction British Standards.

A smoothing screed was then applied to the complete lower areas to bring the levels up to the correct datums and ready to accept the final microcement applications.

The upper areas comprised of metal raised access floor system; the most significant obstacle was ensuring this was rigid and movement free to accept a seamless cementitious floor finish. Therefore it was required to install 18 mm Knauf Brio structural cement particleboards to the complete floor area.

The cement boards were mechanically fixed into the RAF floors. As a belt and braces solution, they also received the application of an epoxy adhesive. Additionally, a fibre in forced smoothing screed was applied to the complete upper areas to achieve the correct surface levels, and support ready for the final microcement applications.

Another requirement was to apply the micro cement systems to a metal staircase. Again we chose to reinforce the treads and risers with a fibre cement board to ensure that each step was completely movement free and rigid to minimise the possibility of any future issue or compromise.

Following the completion of the preparation works, the microcement applications could begin. The process was undertaken in five stages, which included:

• Abdrasion of the newly applied smoothing screeds to remove any surface laitance / particles and to allow for a mechanical bond.

• The application of an epoxy primer and fibreglass reinforcement mesh as an additional belt and braces option to stabilise the substrate and to minimise the possibility of any reflective cracking.

• Application of the microcement base coats and body layers to achieve the desired look, tone, texture and variation, which was undertaken over a three-day process allowing for curing between each layer.

• Once cured, the surfaces were braided and polished to bring out the varying degrees of tone, microcement colour and variation you would typically see in polished concrete or similar decorative floor finish.

• Following this stage, the surfaces were applied with a pre-sealers and then water-based (PU) resin sealer coating to protect the surface areas and provide the necessary slip resistance for the commercial environment.

Lastly, upon completion of the floors, a reception desk and wall areas were constructed in situ, which also required the application of the MicroCrete® microcements. Again this adopted a very similar route approach in that the services were primed and repaired, applying fibreglass mesh to ensure surface stability. The microcement was then used in three stages, similar to the floor process, to achieve the desired look. Finally, the surfaces were polished and sealed to ensure resilience and durability.

Upon completion, the finished floor and surfaces were unveiled to the clients with high approval and feedback. Even today, the floors and applied surfaces have been kept well, still, look exceptional, and receive many glowing comments and reviews.


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