Residential Poured Resin Comfort Floor in London.

Installation Date: October 2019
Location: City of London
Flooring Type: PU Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor
Floor Colour: RAL 7040 (Mid Grey)

We had the pleasure of working closely with Alan Power Architects, on a 97 sq m two-bedroom GIA new build house on lower ground/ground floors, built on open land just south of Whitechapel High Street, in the Stepney Green, London Conservation Area.⁠

The project required some initial preparation and making good of the main floor and staircase areas in order to ensure that they were suitable to accept the proposed resin flooring finishes. This consisted of an application of smoothing screed to ensure the the floor areas were flat and level and brought to the correct heights.

⁠The final finishes in the main living / kitchen floor areas included our amazing seamless resin acoustic comfort floors throughout along with a detailed application of poured resin to the signature staircase. As you can hopefully appreciate, attention to detail was paramount, which has resulted in an exceptional finish indicative of our workmanship.⁠

Architect & Design – Alan Power Architects Ltd⁠ (
Photography – Hufton and Crow (


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