Domestic Microcement Installation in St Albans, Hertfordshire.

Installation Date: Nov 2019
Location: St Albans, Hertfordshire
Flooring Type: MicroCrete Microcement
Floor Colour: Light Grey

Working very closely with the brilliant Feneley Studio in specifying and installing our MicroCrete® microcement flooring system throughout an extensive remodel of a 1970s townhouse in St Albans.

In advance of the application of microcement, the floors were prepared in accordance with our standard specifications. Particular attention had to be given to the introduction of shadow gaps around the perimeter of the floor / wall areas. The additional of the room wide, split level steps required some significant attention to detail prior to the MicroCrete® applications.

The microcement was installed to the complete floor areas in a seamless application over a 6 day period resulting in the beautiful finish exhibited in the above photos.

We are very proud and blown away by the finished results of this project.


What is MicroCrete®?
MicroCrete® is a very thin polymer modified cement, commonly known as microcement which can be installed to floors and walls at only 2-3mm to provide a unique and decorative polished concrete finish.⠀

The MicroCrete® products, build up and application technology is one of the most superior systems on the marketplace today.⠀


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