Commerical MicroCrete Microcement in the City of London

Installation Date: Sept 2021
Location: City of London
Flooring Type: MicroCrete Microcement
Floor Colour: Olive Green (Bespoke Colour)

This was an interesting project where The Resin Floor Co. were requested to install a MicroCrete Microcement floor within a commercial premises in the City of London in a bespoke colour.

Prior to the start of works, samples were produced for the proposed floor for client approval in a selection of colour ways and finishes to mimic that of a natural polished concrete finish.

The existing substate required some significant preparation to the form of mechanical / diamond grinding in order to remove damaged latex, down to the concrete slab below where repairs were made where required and prepared. An epoxy primer was applied which was followed by a skim of smoothing screed to ensure a flat and level finish ready to accept the MicroCrete microcement finishes.

The MicroCrete microcement applications followed the above process in our standard 10 layer system resulting on a unique and beautiful finish seen the the photos above.

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