Polished Concrete Overlay Installation, Deal Kent.

Installation Date: January 2022
Location: The Mining Museum in Deal, Kent
Flooring Type: Polished Concrete Overlay
Floor Colour: Natural

As chosen contractors of Quinn Estates, we were tasked with installing our natural coloured, polished concrete overlay within two areas (ground floor and basement area) totalling over 400m2 within the new Mining Museum in Deal, Kent.

The first stage of work was to prepare each of the two existing concrete areas ready for applying the 10mm poured overlay. This involved diamond grinding of the existing screeded areas, crack repairs and reinstatement of new crack inducement joints and applying a pumped screed at 10-15mm to bring the floor heights up to the required datums.

Once applied, dried and cured, the application of the polished overlay system was undertaken by pumping the materials at an average depth of 10mm to the complete floor areas.

Forty-eight hours later, allowing sufficient time for the product to dry and cure, abrading the surface using vacuum-assisted diamond polishing tools to achieve a honed polished and sealed finish on the seamless floor. The polished floor areas then received sealer coating to protect them and provide additional sacrificial protection.

The first-floor walkway was finished with a different approach. A 2-3mm black stone, mixed with resin, otherwise known as a resin stone carpet or resin bound surface, was applied to look like a coal face in the foot traffic areas.

Upon completion, the finished surfaces and areas received their complete fit-out and opened their doors for the first time on 2nd April 2022, which looked stunning and really in keeping with the look and feel of the museum.

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