Cemtentoresina and Microresina Flooring by Kerakoll Design House.

Installation Date: July 2018
Location: Surrey
Flooring Type: Cementoresina & Microresina
Floor Colour: WR02

2x 100m2 Cementoresina in WR02
35m2 Microresina applied over existing parquet in WR02

2x 100m2 Floors – Cementoresina
Preparation was to remove existing floor coverings by mechanical tooling.
Infills had to be made by use of epoxy screed where required.
Floors were epoxy primed and 10mm of levelling screed was applied to bring floor heights up to within 3.5mm of finished floor heights.
Cementoresina in WR02 applied to areas.

35m2 Microresina
Exisitng parquet sanded and Microresina applied on two coats to floor which was then finished with the final clear sealant.