If you’re considering a microcement for your project, its very important to consider the following points/questions to ensure that you get the very best products and skill of installers;

Microcement Products
Whist many microcements are classed as decorative floor coverings rather than that of a resilient floor finish, it is important to ensure that you choose one which meets with your needs in terms or look, aesthetics and durability. We would suggest investigating the following points;

How durable is their Microcement product?
It is important that the product is both aesthetic and durable. Most microcement products include fine granite / quartz as part of their make up which increases durability and catch resilience, however some microcements substitute this in leu of marble or ceramic powders which are often much softer and more prone to scratching / marking. Some Microcements behave similar to a wood floor and need re-sealing during their lifespan depending on foot traffic to remain truly sealed and to ensure optimum performance.

Is their Microcement product prone to staining?
In general microcement systems are breathable surfaces similar to that of a traditional polished concrete finish, therefore not impervious to staining or liquid damage. Although all spillages should be wiped up as soon as possible, we would suggest that a sample is requested and tested to ensure that it meets with your requirements.

Are any solvent sealers used in the application process?
Many installers choose to use solvent based sealers over that of safer water based polyurethanes or impregnating sealers.
Solvents, also known as VOCs (volatile organic compounds), are used in many construction products such as paints, thinners and glues. Potentially harmful solvents include toluene, xylene, white spirit, acetone and ethyl acetate. Certain tasks, such as spraying, can produce very high exposures. These substances can be very problematic for those with those with underline health issues, breathing difficulties, the young and elderly, so should be avoided where for a safer alternative.