With many new training courses for Microcements available in the UK, it would of course be essential to ensure that any installer has adequate experience in order to carry out the required task to the required standards.

It is highly recommended to use an experienced contractor whom specialises in residential installations as quality of workmanship and attention to detail is essential. In many cases some form of preparation will be required which the installer should feel comfortable in explaining. Don’t be afraid to ask any potential installers about their experience and how long they have been installing the products to ensure you feel confident of their ability to carry out the works. Also ask if they are an approved applicator of the products and if the manufacturer would warrant their work and product especially in the event of any issues.

Examples of Work
Where possible ask to see examples of work, recent and past installations or even commercial areas undertaken by the contractors which can be viewed at your leisure.

Price & Product Quality
When making your enquiries, you may in many cases see a fairly similar pattern in installation costs for the microcement element of works or minimum charges. Be wary of any cheaper costs that fall outside of this pattens as some installers may often utilise cheaper products and process’ or may not have the necessary experience to carry out a quality installation, especially if no examples of work can be provided. Please appreciate that this is not a cheap flooring solution so any such prices should reflect that. A normal installation should take around 4-5 days to install so any companies quoting cheaper or quicker may be cutting corners. Reputation is everything in high end floors so do your homework!