Kerakoll Design House – Microresina, Decor & Patina.

Installation Date: 2018
Location: London
Flooring Type: Kerakoll Design House – Microresina, Decor & Patina
Floor Colour: Warm Collection
Interior Designers: MGHS ltd

Working closely with MGHS ltd in relation to product detail, The Resin Floor Co. were requested to assist in the transformation of the the Central London based property by use of a selection of products from the Kerakoll Design House range of products.

An eco-friendly decorative and protective microfilm, perfect for redesigning of existing ceramic & wooden floors quickly and easily.

Firstly the substrates were prepared in accordance our specifications, the Microresina was then applied carefully to all surfaces in a minimum of three layers and allowed to cure. Once fully dry a protective sealer coating was applied to give added longterm durability and a beautiful satin finish.

Microresina was used on the existing parquet and tiled floors.

Like Microresina, Decor is a very similar eco-friendly decorative and protective microfilm which is used in the redesign of other surfaces such as plastic, metal & wood.

It was requested that Decor was used to apply an alternative and complementary surface finish on to a number of different surfaces within the property.

The surfaces of each of the items were firstly prepared which was followed by the application of Decor which was either applied via roller or sprayed dependant of the complexity of the surfaces.

Decor was used on internal doors, plug sockets, skirting boards, architraves, internal window frames and metal radiators.

Patina a highly aesthetic and breathable natural “old look” plaster which has natural bacteriostatic and fungistatic properties.

The chosen walls were prepared in accordance with the product needs which followed with two applications of the Patina product and finished with a light surface sealant.

Patina was applied to one wall within the dining area of the property.