White resin comfort floor – Highbury, London.

Installation Date: April 2016
Location: Highbury, London
Flooring Type: PU Resin Acoustic Comfort Floor
Flooring Type: White – RAL 9016

This was a particular lovely project, small in size but eloquent in every aspect.

The substrate was a previously tiled floor which was ground to remove all traces of previous adhesive. The levelling screed and poured resin floor was to be installed around an already pre fitted kitchen. The plinths were removed at this stage so that a batten could be fitted underneath allowing a stop edge for the levelling screed and resin flooring to be poured up to.

This followed with the application of a levelling screed in order to achieve a flat and level substrate achieving SR1 surface regularity (3mm over a two metre straight edge).

Following the curing of the levelling screed the resin works could take place which included the following:

• Installation of a 5mm ecoflex rubber crumb base and surface grout coating.
• Application of poured resin comfort flooring to complete area.
• Three surface pigmented top coating applications in RAL 9016.

Upon completion of the project and setting of the stylish furniture the results were simply stunning only enhanced by the abundance of natural light entering the property from the rear bi-fold doors. Proof that a seamless floor can add a sparkle and the finishing touches to that special environment.