Resin Comfort Floor at Nikki’s Bar, London.

Installation Date: October 2018
Location: Hoxton Square, London
Flooring Type: Poured Resin PU Comfort Floor
Floor Colour: Orange

The Resin Floor Co. were requested to assist in the transformation of the once popular “Electric Showrooms” in Hoxton into a retro inspired super cool establishment to be called Nikki’s Bar. Following our initial meetings we were presented with the task of presenting a solution of the finished floor which would meet with the required styling, but also conform to the multiple subfloor requirements which were discovered following their excavations.

Preparation started with the removal of the remaining floor coverings, adhesive and latex by use of 415 volt, three phase diamond grinding equipment. Once removed, the substrates were inspected and repairs which followed by the application of a fibre reinforced smoothing screed in order to achieve the desired SR1 levels for the resin flooring installation to take place.

Once ready the resin flooring process took place which included the basic preparation of the newly installed levelling screed, this was primed and a further scratch coating of PU resin applied. Once cured, a further application of our PU resin comfort floor at an average depth of 2-3mm was applied, pigmented in the stylish orange colour chosen. Once dry, the resin surfaces were inspected and sealants were applied to protect and finish the floors.

We feel that the final results are nothing less than stunning and complement the decor, look and feel of Nikki’s Bar to a very high level.