MicroCrete Polished Concrete Installation in London.

Installation Date: June 2021
Location: Greenwich, London
Flooring Type: MicroCrete Microcement
Floor Colour: Light Grey

A pleasure once again to be working with DRJ Contractors in the remodel and seamless finishing within this beautiful south London property where our MicroCrete® microcement system was specified and used.

Prior to the insulation of the MicroCrete polished microcement, the floors and staircase areas were prepared ready for the next phases.

The project was undertaken in two phases allowing for other building works to progress and not cause delays the main contract. Allowances were given to the multiple under floor heating zones and the required provision for expansion in the floor areas in which movement joints were installed.

The micro concrete system was installed to the floor and staircase areas in two sessions of six days resulting in the beautiful finish shown in the post.


What is MicroCrete®?

MicroCrete® is a very thin polymer modified cement, commonly known as microcement or micro concrete which can be installed to floors and walls at only 2-3mm to provide a unique and decorative polished concrete finish.

The MicroCrete® products, build up and application technology is one of the most superior systems on the marketplace today.


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